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About the Author

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Julie Chapman is a two-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist who is well-known

throughout much of upstate New York. She has been a morning news anchor for

more than 30 years.

Julie has a master’s degree in journalism from The College of Saint Rose.

Outside of being a news anchor, Julie volunteers with several children’s charities

that encourage kids to dream big and shoot for the stars! Julie lives in New York's capital region with her family and their rescue kitties, Po and Teddy Chicken, and guinea pig, Georgie.

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About the Illustrator


Anthony Richichi


Julie was so honored to be able to work with such an incredibly talented artist! Anthony Richichi is an award-winning painter and amazing illustrator in upstate New York. Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats and Santa, Elves, and Magical Bells are two of several books Anthony has illustrated for Saratoga Springs Publishing. Anthony directs a series of art galleries in association with the Adirondack Film Festival. Anthony lives in Glens Falls, New York. 

About the Publisher

Witch & Moon.tif

Vicki Addesso Dodd


Julie is so excited to be an author with Saratoga Springs Publishing.

Book designer, Vicki Addesso Dodd, is a remarkable talent who beautifully guided 

Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats and Santa, Elves, and Magical Bells along this fun, magical journey. A tremendous amount of gratitude goes out to Vicki and the incredible professionalism of

Saratoga Springs Publishing. 

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