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What is Santa, Elves, and Magical Bells?

Santa, Elves, and Magical Bells celebrates many of the fun moments of the holiday season
through poetic rhyme.
Each page features something magical to warm your heart and inspire you. Some of the stories remind you to enjoy life's little adventures, while others encourage you to always believe in your dreams.

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A Christmas Eve Spell to Make a Wish Come True...

And just like Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats, this book also has a story with a magical spell to make a wish come true. This one is done on Christmas Eve and the red velvet bag contains all the items you need. This will give that special night a little extra magic.

"Delightful stories packed with festive cheer and valuable life lessons.  Santa, Elves, and Magical Bells is a must-read for

both children and adults alike.

An enchanting book that will warm your heart and ignite your holiday spirit!"

- Book Excellence Critic Review, 2024

First Place - Best Holiday Book

National Book Critics Loved It!

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