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A collection of fun poetic vignettes about the Halloween season and the adventures that await! This book is perfect
for anyone who loves the magic of the fall. 
This book won "Children's Book of the Year" in 2022 by the Outstanding Creator Awards. Critics called it masterful!

Children's Book of the Year 2022

"This book hits on all cylinders and does everything right. Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats has some of the best, funnest, most clever rhymes we've ever seen.

It's exceptional."

"The PERFECT Halloween children's book does exist!"

Outstanding Creator Awards Book Review, 2022

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An enchanting book featuring inspirational and fun poetic stories to get your excited about the many magical moments of the holiday season. There are snowmen to build and carols to sing. Santa Claus is coming! What will he bring?

Santa, Elves, and Magical Bells

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Create your own magic


Each book contains a rhyming story detailing how to make a wish come                                 true... 

You can get a magical spell bag with all of the items you need for an added element of fun!

What is Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats?

What is Witches, Bats, and Mystical Cats?

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